SMARTech n.

Integrated municipal WWTP

Key enabling process(es)



Geestmerambacht (Netherlands)

Upstream dynamic fine-screen and post-processing of cellulosic sludge

Cellulosic sludge, refined clean cellulose

The WWTP of Geestmerambacht is situated between Schoorldam and Koedijk, along the Noordholland Canal in the Dutch province North Holland, treating Dry Weather Flow (DWF), of 4,160 m3/h and maximum flow (FFT) of 16,300 m3/h. Anaerobic and aerobic treatment is provided for wastewater, while sludge treatment line includes the processes of thickening and dewatering.

SMARTech1 is the key to enable primary cellulose harvesting from medium-large WWTPs. It will apply the primary concentration of wastewater by Salsnes Filter dynamic fine-sieve, which can enable maximal recovery of resources. The Salsnes Filter will separate cellulosic sludge that will be followed by post-processing inside the WWTP. The latter includes a compact sequence of operation unites imported by the paper and food industry to produce clean and marketable cellulose. The cellulosic material will be also provided outside the WWTP for the downstream blending with PHA and processing for final bio-composite production (Downstream SMARTechA).


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