30 September, 2017 - Porto, Portugal

SMART-Plant at the Porto Innovation Week, with the coordinator of H2020 AquaNES and other water stakeholders discussing about the circular economy

11-13 September 2017 - London, UK

SMART-Plant presented at the International Symposium for next generation infrastructure

11-13 September 2017 - Livorno, Italy

SMART-Plant is key το H2020 innovation action to address water economics, statistics and asset management in Livorno.

11-13 July 2017 - Coventry, UK

The third SMART-Plant management meeting was organized by Severn Trent and Cranfield University.

16 - 22 June - Rome, Italy

The SMART-Plant was presented in the 25th International Conference on Composites/Nano-Engineering (ICCE-25), in Rome, Italy.

29 June 2017 - Geestmerambacht, Netherlands

The official inauguration of SMARTech1 took place on the 29th of June 2017. On both regional and national television, the news paid attention to the world-scoop in the production of marketable cellulose from sewage.

22 June 2017 - Bellaterra, Spain

A pilot treatment plant developed by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Aigües de Manresa S.A. Empresa Municipal generates added value products while simultaneously treating wastewater. The technology used improves the treatment process and at the same time extracts the phosphorus and materials used to manufacture bioplastics. This pioneering plant was inaugurated today at the Manresa- Sant Joan (near Barcelona) wastewater treatment plant and forms part of the European SMART-Plant project. The system recovers 50% of phosphorus, which can be used as a fertiliser, extracts materials used to produce bioplastics and reduces by 25% the costs of operating a wastewater treatment plant.

Samuela Guida, PhD candidate at Cranfield University is explaining how this process works.

25 January 2017

SMART-Plant has participated at the kick-off meeting of the RES-URBIS project in Rome. RES-URBIS aims at delivering circular economy from municipal organic waste, while SMART-Plant is focusing on municipal wastewater. The twinnig between SMART-Plant and RES-URBIS will allow to deliver circular economy in the SMART URBES


19 January 2017

The Coordinator of SMART-Plant, Francesco Fatone, together with Ana Soares (Cranfield University) and Antonio Chaparro (Wellness Smart Cities) participated at the event and presented the forthcoming cluster and joint activities with ENERWATER (www.enerwater.eu) and POWERSTEP (www.powerstep.eu). ENERWATER methodology will be applied in the SMARTechs to measure the energy consumptions of technologies that recover secondary raw material.

11 January 2017

The Coordinator of SMART-Plant has represented the Consortium in the 1st meeting of the Steering Committee held at the DG RTD of the European Commission in Brussels.

SMART-Plant is a member of the ICT4WATER cluster

SMART-Plant member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform