SMARTech n 4a:

SCENA: Short-Cut Enhanced Nutrients Abatement


Biological nitrogen removal and P-bioaccumulation via-nitrite during the treatment of anaerobic supernatant


To enable the integration of conventional biogas recovery from sewage sludge with sidestream energy-efficient and compact nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery.

Integration within WWTP:

Smartech 4a is implemented in the sidestream of the anarobic digester of Carbonera WWTP

Key enabling process(es):




P-rich Sludge, VFA

Partners involved:

1. University of Verona

2. Alto Trevigiano Servizi SpA

3. SCAE Srl

4. Università Politecnica delle Marche



SMARTech 4a applies the SCENA system which integrates the following processes: (o) optional upstream concentration of cellulosic sludge,(i) fermentation of dynamic thickened sewage sludge to produce VFAs as carbon source, and (ii) via nitrite nitrogen and phosphorus removal (by P-bioaccumulation) from sludge reject water using an SBR. In this configuration, nitrogen is removed through the bioprocesses of nitritation/denitritation, and Enhanced Biological Phosphorus removal (EBPR) via nitrite using the VFAs from sludge fermentation liquid as carbon source 


The full-scale demo application developed in the WWTP of Carbonera (Italy) will treat the total flowrate of reject water resulted from the dewatering of the anaerobic digestate (around 40-50 m3/day). Smartech 5 will allow the recovery of 7-8 kg P-rich sludge per capita per year and the electrical energy savings of 20-30% for the treatment of sludge reject water.


scena dynamic thickenig
scena fermentation unit
scena screw press
scena scsbr
scena storage tank carbon source

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