Biotrend is a research-based SME focused on the development, optimization, de-risking and scale-up of bioprocesses for industrial biotechnology. Clients range from start-up companies without bioprocessing know-how and infrastructure to large chemical to pulp and paper companies exploring the opportunities of industrial biotechnology and of the use of renewable raw materials, including industrial by-products, to create value. Additionally, Biotrend invests in internal projects to create its own IP portfolio. Biotrend carries out research aiming at the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable raw materials. Further, we actilvely participate in collaborative projects in the fields of the bioeconomy, nanobiotechnology and marine biotechnology. Our team's expertise includes biotechnology, chemical engineering, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry.


The core activity of Biotrend is the development of novel bioprocesses and their transition from lab scale to bioprocesses that can be implemented in production scale, process integration and early evaluation of the technical and economical feasibility of processes before investment in higher scale trials are performed. We are experienced in the development of processes based on a wide range of biological systems, from naturally occurring bacterial strains and yeasts to recombinant microbial cells, for the production of biomass, primary and secondary metabolites, biopolymers and recombinant proteins. We also have experience in working with a wide diversity of raw materials, including lignocellulosic hydrolysates, spent sulfite liquor, kraft process side streams and residues from the food industry. 

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