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Ecomondo 2017 - Gestione delle acque, Fatone «Non solo emergenza» - Ricicla TV

NEO - Treatment plants transformed into biorefineries - English

Company makes asphalt and plastic out of your dirty toilet paper - RTL Z NIEUWS (in Dutch)

SMART-Plant at BBC World News 3/8/2017

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Samuela Guida, PhD candidate at Cranfield University explains how ion exchange process works

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Progetto Smart Plan

SMART Plant la sperimentazione parte dal depuratore di Carbonera TV

Online article in the Swedish Magazine Cirkulationby Tomas Carlsson: ""Smart-Plant" ger nytt liv åt toapapper"

SMART-Plant is a member of the ICT4WATER cluster

SMART-Plant member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform