29 June 2017 - Geestmerambacht, Netherlands

The official inauguration of SMARTech1 took place on the 29th of June 2017. On both regional and national television, the news paid attention to the world-scoop in the production of marketable cellulose from sewage. Approximately 70 experts from all of Europe, all active in the value chain, witnessed the inauguration of the Cellvation plant. The Geestmerambacht WWTP pilot project intends to prove that sludge can be a valuable asset in which resources can be recovered and reused. It is one of six pilot systems hosted by SMART-Plant, an initiative which finds innovative treatment technologies that can demonstrate environmental sustainability and prove the feasibility of circular wastewater management (an alternative to the traditional model where waste has no beneficial reuse).

SMART-Plant is a member of the ICT4WATER cluster

SMART-Plant member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform